What is it?

A script that automatically renders all still images in an iMovie project using the 3rd party program Still Life.

Where can I get it?

Grab it here:

Why would I want it?

iMovie has a flaw when it converts still images to video clips, they are very poor resolution and often have bad "jaggies". Currently the only way to work around this is to use the Ken Burns effect on every single still or to pre-render each clip in Still Life or similar then import the clips into iMovie. Neither solution is very good because they involve many extra steps and make it hard to change projects and tweak them after putting them in place. Using RenderWithStillLife you create a project as usual, add transistions, titles, and such then before exporting to DVD you just run the script, that's it. It uses Still Life's supirior rendering to turn all your stills into DV clips automatically.

What's required?

Apple iMovie 3+ (tested on iMovie 4.01)

Granted Software's Still Life 2.2.4+ (tested on Still Life 2.2.5)

How do I use it?

  1. Create a project normally. Add transitions, sounds, titles, etc. Tweak project until it is ready to burn to DVD.
  2. Save project and close iMovie. Make sure Still Life is closed as well
  3. Open Terminal and cd to where you saved