View Headers Toggle Button

What is it?

An extension for Thunderbird that places a button on the toolbar to easily toggle viewing of all headers in a message. In addition the button now includes localizations for:

Czech (cs-CZ)
Danish (da-DK)
Dutch (nl-NL)
English (en-US)
French (fr-FR)
Finnish (fi-FI)
German (de-DE)
Greek (el-GR)
Hebrew (he-IL)
Italian (it-IT)
Japanese (ja-JP)
Korean (ko-KR)
Norwegian (nb-NO)
Polish (pl-PL)
Portuguese (pt-BR)
Rusian (ru-RU)
Spanish (es-AR)
Spanish (es-ES)
Swedish (sv-SE)

Where can I get it?

IMPORTANT NOTE for users upgrading from versions prior to the 1.5.0 release: due to a flaw in the Thunderbird installer please uninstall the old version of the extension and restart Thunderbird before installing the new version.

Grab it here: viewheaders-2.0.1.xpi
(be sure to right click and Save Link As... so your browser doesn't try to install it).

How do I install it?

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Select Tools -> Add-ons
  3. Click Install
  4. Browse to where you saved viewheaders-2.0.1.xpi, select it, and click Open
  5. Select Install Now at the Software Installation dialoge
  6. Close extension manager and restart Thunderbird

Change log

- Version 2.0.1 (public release)

- Version 2.0.0 (public release)

- Version 1.5.2 (public release)

- Version 1.5.1 (public release)

- Version 1.5.0 (public release)

- Version 1.4.4

- Version 1.4.3

- Version 1.4.2

- Version 1.4.1

- Version 1.4 (public release)

- Version 1.3

- Version 1.2 (public release)

- Version 1.1

- Version 1.0 (public release)